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Behind the Scenes

Meet the ghoul behind the brand, Molly.

Thanks for taking a look at BxB. I hope you find something you like, or something perfect for your weird friend if this isn't your vibe.

If you made it this far into the shop, I might as well introduce myself...

I have always been the weird kid, attracted to the odd, the grim, the bold, and definitely pushed the envelope of, "socially acceptable attire". My constant state of mind would be best described as, "Horror Movies + Chill".

I started Brimstone&Bone, Co. to create a shop for others who share my same passion for all things weird, bold, macabre & Autumn. My goal is to offer unique + high quality products that you'll want to use time and time again, year-round.

While we do make a lot of what we sell, and dabble in a few top name brands in the industry, most of the merch we offer is made by other small businesses and creators because we fully believe in the idea of "support small=thrive together". Many of the brands BxB carries are also vocal about their efforts to be environmentally conscious, advocating for women’s rights, the LGBTQ+ community, and animal rights. 

We are proud to offer eco-friendly shipping materials with almost every order BxB sends out, thanks to brands like Packaging Suppliesnoissue ecoenclose who offer a variety of sustainable packaging that is either reusable, compostable or made from recycled materials.

During a period of 2022, we donated portions of our profits to support women’s bodily autonomy rights. While we are far from being able to do as much as the brands we carry, we’re active in showing our support through helping spread awareness about their advocacy through our social media platforms.

I founded Brimstone&Bone,Co. in Oct. 2021, and have decades of experience in business management, customer service, digital marketing and retail.

When I'm not here, I'm working my other full time job as co-owner of the retail company I run alongside my husband...but that's a story for another time.

When I'm not busy with work, I'm either writing, reading, shopping, or snuggled up with my pets + husband watching TV/movies. My current go to for feel-good evenings are Casper Halloweentown.

Now, enough about me - enjoy shopping! 🕸

Every purchase you make goes towards a small company & helps someone else's dream come true. Brimstone&Bone, Co. supplies a lot of merch from small business crafters who specialize in creating unique and high quality items, many of which are made here in the USA.

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