Tarot Readings

Tarot Readings

Hello wonderer!

My name is Molly and I am the owner and tarot reader of Brimstone&Bone,Co. I recently began tarot reading, and am continuing to expand my own personal knowledge of tarot history, and the expansive connections with tarot and metaphysical attributes.

I am offering readings specifically guided through discussing relationships, self introspection, past/present/future.

I ask brief questions to get to know you, and inquire about what question(s) you are looking to ask during your reading. I try not to ask for too much information ahead of time, to allow the cards to speak most clearly to what you present in the reading. While I do help navigate the cards interpretations, the work to apply their meanings to your Life comes from the Self. 

As part of my ritual to prep my reading area, I like to use crystals and sometimes other elements such as candles to help cleanse not only the deck, but also the space. I use a few different decks that speak most to me for the type of reading you choose. You’ll notice that I also manifest the layout of the spread, and it may not be the same each time. Before any of my readings, I set my personal intentions as your reader to be done with light, positivity, protection and clarity. I never encourage or work with any dark energies intentionally.

DISCLAIMER: These readings are intended for entertainment purposes only. This is not medical, financial or legal advice.

Tarot Reading Offerings

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